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Sneak Peek: Sagada Mini-Adventure series

My first time to reach the rugged landscape of Mt. Province proved to be a worthwhile getaway last All Soul’s Day weekend. Most of the plans were jeopardized due to the recent rage of the typhoon so we crossed out the Batad trip and decided to maximize our stay in Sagada. Unfortunately, my supposed-to-be 5-day … Continue reading

15 images project: Chapter 1

Every end of the month, I review the photos I have taken since the acquisition of my interest in photography, so let me share with you my 15 images project, an effort to further sharpen my skills in capturing unique moments and things while setting foot on a place I’ve never been before or even … Continue reading

Ivory giants of the north – Bangui Windmills

It was midday when our group reached Bangui, and definitely not a good time to check out the place. Apart from the searing hot sand of the beach, you’ll get toasted from the dry wind which blows from the sea — not to mention the sun looking down on you! How to get there: From … Continue reading


All photos were taken during our trip back from Kabigan Falls, Pagudpud. Heavy photo post ahead 🙂   These scenes reminded me of Manuel Arguilla’s “How my brother Leon brought home a wife.” The sun was in our eyes, for it was dipping into the bright sea. The sky was wide and deep and very … Continue reading

Further north Pagudpud – day 2 at Saud Beach + Kabigan Falls

It was already 10 am when we left Laoag city and rode a bus to Pagudpud. It was a 2-hour ride coupled with scenic views along the way, We saw the windmills, open beaches of Burgos and the lighthouse. We thought we can conquer these places in one day but nooo. We arrived in Pagudpud town … Continue reading

Ilocandia – day 1 in Laoag

I have heard a lot of great things from up North — the pristine beaches, massive churches which hold great historical value, bizarre landforms and interesting stories. That’s why last summer I did not hold back to grab the opportunity in exploring Ilocos Norte. [FILM for this roll: Fujicolor 100] We departed Manila last Sunday, … Continue reading


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